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The “Android of automation” - How Bosch Rexroth is building a partner ecosystem

Episode Summary

Welcome to the second episode of Platform Disco! Our first guest is Hans-Michael Krause, Director Ecosystem ctrlX World from Bosch Rexroth. Bosch Rexroth is a global provider of advanced drive and control technologies, offering a wide range of solutions for industrial and factory automation, mobile applications, and renewable energy.

Episode Notes

At the beginning of the episode, we talk about Hans-Michael's journey in leading the partner management for an automation platform called ctrlX Automation. He highlights the shift in strategy towards focusing on platform building and partnering with external companies, which led to the successful establishment of a partner network with 90 partners in the ecosystem after three years.

We also talk about the challenges of building a community and engaging partners, emphasizing the importance of personal relationships and human interaction in a B2B setting. Michael shares insights into the technological innovations implemented in the platform, particularly the ease of data accessibility from OT devices and the significance of creating a strong product brand. The focus on scaling the platform and establishing it as an open industrial Android is a key goal, and the tech stack is continuously being improved to enhance the overall customer journey and experience.

Finally we talk about the importance of brand and design in the B2B context, and the efforts to attract talent and create a vibrant, engaging environment for both customers and employees. Michael's passion and drive to succeed in the automation world are evident, and the episode highlights the ongoing efforts to improve the tech stack and infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the platform and its users. 

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